Security Training

Thomas moved to East Africa in his teens where he thereafter grew up in the African melting pot of Nairobi, Kenya. While finishing his baccalauréat degree in Nairobi, to thereafter study Social Anthropology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, he soon found his way to the less fortunate in society, the people of the slums, and got closely acquainted to their ways and struggles. A place where also a big part of the exiled resistance to the dictatorship in neighbouring Uganda kept base and from where a large part of the support for the guerrilla fighting the regime actually took place.

Thomas' integration and involvement with those from a very different background than his own would lead to his active involvement in not only the freedom of Uganda's people but subsequently, on a first hand basis in several other conflicts. His ability to adapt, 'melt into', and decode, understand and relate to different environments and peoples has made him a perfect asset in the field for those he has stood close to. His imagination and almost limitless ways to find solutions to problems alongside a solid spirit and vast and long experience of survival under extreme situations only adds to him now being a true asset to The Aidgency's core.