We are a group of professionals who have decided to share our expertise and experience that has been consolidated throughout careers in civil society, NGOs, international organisations, and the private sector, to bring our support to the creation, development and management of your projects.

From a logistical point of view, The Aidgency consists of a small team that evaluates and manages projects in collaboration with an extensive additional network of partners able to meet the most diverse demands. This structure allows for administrative flexibility and a centred approach based on your needs.


In the day-to-day management of your structure, budgetary pressures can lead to difficult choices that often negatively impact your projects sometimes to the point of completely halting them.

To prevent such draconian situations, The Aidgency offers a comprehensive analysis and customised services to optimise your resources.

Our holistic approach allows us to offer you bespoke solutions in communication, project management, management, institutional film production, reporting and safety courses to support staff that travel.


Because we share the values, ethics and motivations of those we work with, we are the ideal partner for any organisation wanting to enhance their actions in a sustainable manner.