It is very easy to be overwhelmed by administrative and logistical tasks. The Aidgency dedicates a portion of its services to the implementation of organisational solutions, administrative support, consulting and technology tools to free you from these constraints and increase your efficiency.


  • As you need to focus on your project and devote all your energy to its cause.

  • As having the knowledge in the service of a particular cause does not necessarily imply having the administrative or logistical skills for the implementation of your organisation’s structure. 

  • As it is key that your administrative structure is managed efficiently to allow you to deliver on your goals

  • As we are familiar with the problems you are facing.

Whether you want to start an NGO or a project or you need administrative support for an existing structure, our team is here to understand and assess your needs, to achieve a specific task or to follow you in the longer term development of your activities.

Our services included:

  • Advice and proposal of possible scenarios for the creation and set-up of an association or foundation.

  • Drafting the statutes of your future association in accordance with the Swiss law governing associations (Art. 60 of the Swiss civil code)

  • Management of the committee (council) and members. Organisation of the General Assembly and other required management meetings and minutes taking

  • Advice on the domiciliation of the association, administrative tax exemption approach for donors, analysis and project planning


You have great ideas, we can help you turn them into real projects through the following process:

  • Definition of your objectives,
  • evaluation of the options available,
  • validation and implementation of the chosen strategy,
  • implementation of the operational phase, distribution of tasks.

Choosing a sound strategy requires a fair balance between ambition, reality and human resources. To achieve your goals, we make an inventory of all possible ways to implement. To ensure the longevity of your existing projects and launch of those to come, we use every competence pool of The Aidgency including: project management, budgeting, logistics and communications.


For small and medium-sized structures, IT can be a significant budget item, often costly and difficult to maintain as technological advances are fast and innovative.

We have extensive experience in information systems allowing us to go back to basics where necessary with simplified and innovative solutions, or indeed provide more sophisticated answers.

We work with recognised experts to ensure the desired level of service including the following benefits:

  • Simple and dynamically evolving products
  • Global solutions in computing and telephony
  • Optimisation of working time
  • Limitation of costs
  • Hardware and software always up-to-date
  • Data protection, database, CRM, online office suites, intranet, mail, scanning, telecom, SIP