In today’s fast-paced and information-rich world, effective communications and the way we present ourselves are key to achieving any organisation’s aims and objectives.

By amplifying the opportunities for exposure, new media have made the presentation of any project an essential component for success.

Like a perfect cocktail recipe, the interaction between different means of communication is the key to an effective global strategy. This is why The Aidgency offers services at the right level - whatever the scale of your needs.


Your visual identity is part and parcel of the communication tools you put in place; it follows you in all of your actions. It must fit with the present whilst being able to evolve to allow your message to always be up-to-date and clear.

The Aidgency will be sensitive to your image and will assist you throughout the creation and evolution of your visual image.


Our collaboration with multiple printers in the Lake Geneva area, allows us to offer you a large range of print services. We can advise you on sizes and quantities to best adapt your communication to your image.


We can carry out an audit of your website, its presentation, readability and accessibility. Either through creating a website or updating an existing one, The Aidgency offers simple and effective tools that let you take control of your online presence.


How can you find your way through the jungle of social networks? How can you use them effectively and maximise the impact of your actions, without losing precious time? To address these challenges The Aidgency works alongside you to assist you to manage the information you post.


Communication with the press has nothing to do with improvisation. With The Aidgency, you benefit from 30 years of experience in the media industry: radio, TV, news agencies, and a large network of specialised and public journalists.

We cover all Public Relations services:

  • Press releases, press conferences, travel and press kits
  • Drafting, broadcasting and reporting
  • Media and interview coaching
  • Crisis management
  • Production of video reports to broadcast

Managing your information is not an option - if you do not take care of the media, the media will take care of you. We apply a proactive, strategic and professional approach to master your public image.


Our professional, dynamic team has a vast experience in the planning and implementation of all types and sizes of events, making us your perfect partner.
We can optimise your face-to-face meetings by structuring your General Assemblies, committee meetings, seminars, courses and conferences. We offer Project Management and ensure your objectives are met and your financial realities respected.


The way we work is evolving and colleagues are sometimes on the other side of the world.  It has become essential to optimise collaboration using simple and secure information sharing and project tracking tools. The Aidgency guides you in this process, allowing you to dedicate more time to the development of your projects.